Bespoke Canvas concept


Square 60x60cm

Rectangular 56X76cm


Medium 60x70cm

Large 60x90cm

The “Bespoke Canvas” is a unique and customised Street art master piece, created based on the subject’s stories, interests, souvenirs and many other personal elements.

First a questionnaire is handed out, followed by a face to face meeting or phone call to discuss the content and understand the tastes and personality of the subject.

The second step is to collate the images that identify with the subject after a couple of days to a week of research. Then we conceptualise them through some collages and mainly drawings using different mediums like acrylic paint, pencils, and pens and so on. The whole production takes 2 to 4 weeks.


Street Art PORTRAITs
30x30 cm
40x40 cm


Medium 40x80cm

Large 50x120cm

special commissions